The hassle free
liquid filling

Gravimetric filling machine for chemical liquids.
From big volume to small volume containers without a
hassle, that’s the Gravifill promise.

What's in the box?

3 components, unlimited
amount of applications

Drip free fluid valve.

Drip free fluid valves

From super fluid to high viscosity...
our valves fit on different
containers & dispose drip free.

Smart controller.

Smart controller

Forget complex installations.
Our controller is ready for action in just 3 steps.

High precision scale.

High precision scale

Right amounts of volume count.
That’s why Gravifill comes with a high precision scale.


Efficient batch production made possible

Forget long cleaning cycles & complex parametrization to get started. Batch production requires easy to clean machinery with low setup effort. Gravifill provides exactly this.

Efficient batch production.
Healthy & happy Operators

Ergonomics matter

Manual filling not only comes at an economical cost it also has a tremendous effect on the ergonomics of your workforce.

Gravifill makes sure your operator no longer has wrist & back pains from manual filling.

Man hurting his back to manually fill liquid.
We grow with you

Semi or fully automatic?Gravifill grows with you

Gravifill is built to grow with your production needs. We’ve built our product to seamlessly convert from a semi-automatic to a fully automated production line.

From semo to fully automatic. Gravifill is the answer.
Ok, we admit, we are geeks on improving production floors.
If your production floor could use some easy to implement tips, subscribe below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my liquids and containers work with Gravifill?

YES, we are specialised in connecting the proper containers to the right solution & adapt to any viscosity. Furthermore, we always validate our proposed solution with a test before we install the solution. In short: we'll have the right solution for you.

How much does a Gravifill cost?

The prices of a standard Gravifill start at 9750 EURO ex vat ex works.

What's the smallest volume that Gravifill can fill?

Gravifill is suited for filling containers with a starting volume of 50ml and up.

Is Gravifill limited to chemical liquids?

NO, Gravifill is not limited to chemical liquids. The liquid variant is even food grade. So, as long as the product is considered a liquid, we can dose it.

Can we use Gravifill for food applications?

YES, our Gravifill 'liquid' variant is entirely food compliant. The components consist of a stainless steel build with clean internal design and food grade seals.

Is it possible to further extend automation with Gravifill?

YES, we build the controller as a platform which means it's ready to be configured in numerous applications. For example, we use it in tabletop solutions, conveyor systems, and rotating systems.

The controller extensibility guarantees that we can connect with start or safety sensors, external compressed air signal for a membrane pump or even an electrical signal to activate a pump.
And in case you have any other use case, we also design to your specification!

Can we use Gravifill in our current production line?

YES, we have customers that integrated the solution as a part of an existing flow; as we have a very compact footprint, we can incorporate it in most setups.

Is there a leasing plan available?

Not yet! But we are working on it; if you want the latest status on this, contact us at

Got questions? We're happy to answer them.

Photo of Sam, the founder of 3D tools.Photo of Sam, the founder of 3D tools.
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